Review of Practical Tips & More

Review of Practical Tips & More

Practical Tips And More
is a blog that talks about different how to's and some frugal tips especially for mommies. The blog started back in February 2008 and since then it already posted 64 useful blog post that tackles different opinion that is posted under its categories such as: baby, bank, beauty, health home, investment, shopping, saving money plus other things. The blog is currently using the 'Ads Theme Blogger Template' from eBlogTemplates.com but in my opinion the blog looks dull and has no color. It's almost black and white except the blue banner ad at the top fold.

The blog is maintained by
'theworkingmom' a part time ophthalmologist, part time micro business owner & part time graduate student from the Philippines. This blog is just one of the 8 blogs she maintain, talk about hardwork huh?! Head on to the blog now, and see for yourselves.

Layout - 7
Content - 9
Coherence - 8
Reach - 8
Readability - 9
Originality - 8

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BM said...


theworkingmom said...

Thank you so much for the review and for joining the contest!

The results are here.

Back to topic, thank you also for the constructive critique. I know I do need to jazz up my site a little more. Haven't found the template which suits my personality and needs though. Could you suggest more sites where I can download free blogger templates? :) Thanks!

BM said...

my theme is from GosuBlogger you can try there.

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