Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest

Contest Page: Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest
Contest Prize: *see below*
Contest Deadline: October 29, 2008

Ways to Win:
  • Subscribe via e-mail
  • Create a post about the contest
Here's another contest that I almost failed to join because of time constraint, good thing I have seen a link to this contest yesterday. So here it is now, I'm joining in! Well I wanna say a happy happy birthday to Lainy, the contest host. I've seen a lot of contest lately but this one is different because it has some cash prize not just free Entrecard credits and ad space.

So if you're reading this one, and haven't join yet. So still have time because it will end on the 29th of this month. Make sure you add 100 unique word from your own, so it will count as a valid entry ;)

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Free Blog Lay Out courtesy of Ivy of The Designer Chic valued at $30
Cash Prize - $20
EntreCard Credits - 5,000
Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Lainy's Musings
Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ AZ Blogging
Cash Prize - $15
EntreCard Credits - 3, 000
Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Our Journey to Forever
Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ My Blog Says
Cash Prize - $10
EntreCard Credits - 2, 000
Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Kuerdas
Cash Prize- $ 5
EntreCard Credits- 1, 000
Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 As Space for a month @ Random Rambling

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BM said...


Sherry said...

hey bm need your advice I see that you ask sherif about putting the domain the blogspot. I want to know how too. Please advice me?

BM said...

I don't have an account there yet, but I will sign-up soon and I will tell you when I did.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Dear,

Thank you for your participation. I truly appreciate it. However, I need you to place the email address you subscribed to my blog at the contest post as I will be needing it for randomly drawing the winners come 10/29. Please take note also of the mechanics no. 1, first sentence. I would appreciate it very much if you could add a few sentences in your own words about the contest that's up and running in my blog. Please let me know by posting a comment when you're done.

Goodluck and see you around!

All the Best,
LAINY a.k.a. Scotty's Princess

Scotty's Princess said...

Sorry sis, I may just have overlooked it bit I got your email add na. Pls. disregard it. Just aDD a few sentences to the post that would refer to the contest.


BM said...

OMG! Sorry po, I edited it na.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi BM! Beautiful unique words! Thank you so much! You are officially IN for the contest.


BM said...


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