ProBlogineer Xmas Blog Contest

ProBlogineer unveils it's Xmas contest .


  1. Lifetime Free PPC-Coach Membership !! (Remember $50/month is the regular price )
  2. 125×125 banner ad on Problogineer.com
  3. EntreCard Credits 1500 ECs
  4. 125×125 on Networking Blogger
  5. 1 month Text advertisement on Technica Magazine
  6. Lifetime Free Regular Listing on Wicked Web Directory
  7. $20 Cash paid via paypal
  8. $10 Cash paid via paypal
Deadline: 20th December 2008

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BM said...


Sherry said...

so busy.. with the sponsors. So is it you are giving the EC to winner Yourself? Please let me know. as I worry sponsor not responsible for their sponsors. Sorry not mean say you but just my worry.

BM said...

I don't understand u

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