What I Have Won This Week?


  • $200 from Compounding-Dividends.com, this is the biggest cash prize I've won so far since that $320-worth Garmin Nuvi that I won several months ago. It's quite easy too compare to other contest.
  • 1,000 EC's from Niessuh.com, this is a prize picked in random if you asked something to the blogger. I have a lot of EC's now, the biggest I've won is 10,000
  • Membership @ LifeFoc.us worth $324, I don't know how this thing works but it sounds good so I love it! I won this from IndoContest

Since I started blogging about my winnings I will do this on a weekly basis or whenever I have a free time, It's my way of thanking those contest hosts :)

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Jenelle said...

wow! you're very lucky at winning contests online! how I wish I am, too :)

BM said...

I know right? Join contests too

indocontest said...

Congrats BM

Sherry said...

lucky gal BM :)

BM said...

Thanks for providing this contest :)

Bleh! your lucky too huh?!

Christopher Ross said...

If you'd like to win even more, I'm giving away an iPod over at http://www.thisismyurl.com/contest/win-an-ipod-nano/ .

BM said...

@Christopher Ross:
Thnx for the invite! ;) But I’m from the Philippines, am I qualified for this one?

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