TylerCruz.com: Affiliate Marketing Challenge 4


Contest Page: Affiliate Marketing Challenge 4
Contest Prize: *see above*
Contest Deadline: October 31, 2008

Ways to Win:
  • Blog about the contest & win '$20 AMEX Reward Card'
  • Sign-up to Market Leverage, and be the top Affiliate before October ends.
Gee! I forgot this Affiliate Marketing Challenge again! Actually I promise myself to join but because I'm busy with other thing I forgot to join ML. Too bad! I'm hoping for a part 5 of this one, with the success of previous challenges it's not impossible I think ;)

I'm hoping I would win that $20 from ML.

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BM said...


BM said...

Actually I won "I'm Blogging This Shirt" from the Affiliate Marketing Challenge 3

BM said...

I won: $20 Prepaid MarketLeverage Rewards Card

LINK: http://www.tylercruz.com/affiliate-marketing-challenge-4-results/

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