Compounding Dividends - Party Now, Invest Later is a blog that talks about Blogging, Dividends, Investing, Stocks etc. Authored by 25 yrs. old, Iraq-based Jake, This blog talks about Money in general. The blogs sounds a little bit strange to all of us, because it's not everyday that we stumbled to a blog that talks about Stock Market, but the author do all things possible just to make his blog posts appealing to a wider audience.

Here are the Good Things & Things to Improve in his blog.

  • The blog is uncluttered, arranged well. Loads quickly
  • It has less ads that is not so common in blogs about Money.
  • The archives, the recent post, the categories can be easily accessed.
  • It provides a Dividend Growth Calculator, an exclusive to the blog I think.
  • No blog logo.
  • The 'featured links' at the bottom part of the blog is TOO long.
  • You can move the "Adsense" ad blocks if you want higher CTR.
  • You can match the link color of Adsense to the link color you've used to the blog.

* Layout - 9
* Content - 9
* Coherence - 8
* Reach - 8
* Readability - 7
* Originality - 9

^ this are just my suggestion on the blog, you can ignore it if you want ;)

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BM said...

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